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aires da serra

Come and discover SPA Aires da Serra.

Due to the accelerated pace to which our ancestral brain has not yet adapted biologically, we live in constant stress and anxiety. The speed of life in the 21st century weakens our holistic well-being.

With this awareness, and aware of the importance of moments of well-being to make you feel relaxed, we created a SPA. Here you can have massages, relax in the indoor jacuzzi, in the heated outdoor pool, or in the heated water bed.

Don’t worry, we’re confident you won’t regret trying it.


Enjoy several different types of massages.

Light massages to relax and unwind or therapeutic massages to help relieve accumulated tension.


Take advantage of our jacuzzis to relieve your stress. Relax and look at the mountains after a day at work. Regain energy during a well-deserved vacation.

melhor tarifa garantida

Heated Water Bed | Jacuzzi | Swimming Pool with heated water

jacuzzi e zona de relaxamento
piscina aquecida

We are dedicating all our energy so that you can recover yours.

There are times when we need to take a break from the busy lives we all live at the moment. We need to switch off, disconnect and reconnect with ourselves.

Our Jardim de Água building allows you to do just that. Turn off your cell phone, pick up a book, or let yourself be enchanted by the sound of birds and the surrounding nature, while taking a bath in hot water (at 25 degrees Celsius) in our outdoor pool. You can also choose to relax in the jacuzzi, have a body massage or rest on our heated water bed. We promise that either experience will be so relaxing that you’ll be looking forward to it next time…